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Palram Carports

Palram is very well known for its Greenhouse products. Do you know that they also have Carports? Like their Greenhouses, Palram Carports have sleek, clean and thoughtful design from top to the bottom.

The roof is made in high quality polycarbonate which does not fracture, become brittle or turn yellow over time. Its lifetime resilient glazing can transmit natural sunlight while providing up to 100% protection from harmful UV sun rays, perfect for the paint protection of your vehicles. It has integrated gutter and gutter heads allow you to channel and collect rainwater if needed. 

The frame is made in durable and rust-resistant aluminum with anchoring and foot-pads included. We recommend the carports to be properly installed on a concrete slab, concrete footings or deck.

Starting with the Vitoria 5000 , the 10 x 16 x 7 ft. carport will meet your need to cover most size of cars, SUVs or Minivans. 



Next will be the Arcadia series. Starting with the Arcadia 4300 (12 x 14 x 8 ft.) or Arcadia 5000 (12 x 16 x 8 ft.), it provides more width or height clearance to accommodate wider or taller vehicles. The Arcadia comes with available 7' modular extension kit allowing you to customize the carport as long as you want to meet your need. For example, we have Arcadia 6400 (Arcadia 4300 + 1 extension kit, 12 x 21 x 8 ft), Arcadia 8500 (Arcadia 4300 + 2 extension kit, 12 x 28 x 8 ft.), and Arcadia 10600 (Arcadia 4300 + 3 extension kit, 12 x 35 x 8 ft.) etc..



Need a taller carport for your trailer or RV? No problem. The Arcadia also comes with available Alpine kit (set of 2 legs). The Alpine kit has adjustable legs and can raise the height as much as 3'7". For example, we have Arcadia 4300 Alpine (Arcadia 4300 + 2 Alpine kits, 12 x 14 x 11.6 ft.), Arcadia 6400 Alpine (Arcadia 6400 + 3 Alpine kits, 12 x 21 x 11.6 ft.), and Arcadia 8500 Alpine (Arcadia 8500 + 4 Alpine kits, 12 x 28 x 11.6 ft.) etc..



Looking for a unique and stunning design? The Arizona 5000 Breeze or The Arizona 5000 Wave will meet your standard. The two-post architecture allows easy access and parking while optimizing usable space.




The Arizona carport could also be connected through an EZ link connector into either an Arch-shaped or Wing-shaped double carport to provide shade for more vehicles.




There is always one Palram carport to fit your need, if you have more questions, feel free to email and we are happy to help!

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