Palram Greenhouses

Palram Greenhouses

Last time we introduced Palram's brand story and their variety of products. This time we will focus on their greenhouses.

Boasting "Combining cutting-edge technology with aesthetically pleasing design and lifetime durability", Palram offers multiple selections of greenhouses for gardening hobbyists. Some key highlights are: 

  • Different type of polycarbonate panels to control light exposure
  • Various sizes and modular extensions
  • Aluminum frames to provide durable, rust resistance structure
  • Wind and snow rated
  • Lockable door handles
  • Built-in gutters 
  • Roof vent to provide airflow, regulation of heat and humidity 
  • Optional solar-powered automatic vent/louver window opener 

Different type of polycarbonate panels

There are three options to choose from: frosted glazing panels, hybrid glazing panels and clear glazing panels.

Frosted glazing greenhouses has twin-wall polycarbonate panels for the roof and the wall, allowing enough light transmission yet blocking 100% harmful UVs. It provides great insulation and can withstand extreme weathers without fractures. Examples such as the Essence 8 x 12 ft. (picture below), Mythos 6 x 8 ft., and Bella 8 x 8 ft..



Hybrid glazing greenhouses have frosted glazing roofs and clear glazing wall panels, balancing between light control and light exposure based on your need. Examples such as the Balance 8 x 12 ft. (picture below), Hybrid 6 x 10 ft., Americana 12 x 12 ft., and Oasis 8 ft..



Clear glazing greenhouses is fully transparent allowing the most light through. Examples such as the Harmony 6 x 8 ft. (picture below).



Various sizes, shapes and modular extensions

Palram's greenhouses have various sizes and shapes to suit your need. Starting from the smallest Plant Inn Mini 4 x 4 ft. with a raised garden bed, to the Lean-to 8 x 4 ft. ideal for limited space, to the extra large barn-shaped Americana 12 x 12 ft. offering plenty stand-up space, you will surely find one tailoring your gardening dream. 

Green houses such as the Balance, Bella (picture below), Grand Gardener, and Prestige also can be customized with modular extensions up to 20 ft. long. Example such the Bella below, is 8 x 20 ft. with a bell shape which does not accumulate snow as easily as other shapes. 



Optional Accessories

We do offer various accessories such as: shade cloth kit, drip irrigation kit, trellising kit, side louver window, resin twin shelf kit, heavy duty metal shelf kit, staging bench, fan heater with thermostat, automatic vent opener and automatic louver window opener etc.. 

More than a greenhouse

The Oasis 12 ft. hexagonal greenhouse could also be used as an enclosed gazebo or office with great ventilation and stylish designs. And the Victory Orangery 12 x 10 ft. greenhouse could be used as a Garden Chalet or Spa enclosures. 



Greenhouse kit

If you are looking for a complete kit with accessories for a great value, the Prestige series will do the job. Accessories included for each greenhouse kit are:

  • 1 Manual Roof Vent Window
  • 1 Automatic Roof Vent Arm Opener
  • 1 Manual Side Louver Vent Window
  • 1 Automatic Louver Vent Arm Opener
  • 1 Mounting Base Kit
  • 1 Trellising Kit Pro
  • 1 Hanging & Anchoring Kit
  • 2 Drip Irrigation Kit
  • 3 Two Tier Staging Benches

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