"Virtually Unbreakable" Palram Applications-Delightful Yard

"Virtually Unbreakable" Palram Applications

One of our Partners Palram Applications is a global leader in manufacturing polycarbonate (a virtually unbreakable type of plastics) consumer products. They entered the industry in mid-1960's and have more than 50 years of expertise of conducing intensive research and cutting edge innovations. 

They do have a wide range of products that we carry, such as Greenhouses, Gazebos, Sheds, Carports, Patio Covers, Door Awnings and Garden Chalets. These products have sleek design and beautiful aesthetics. Most of the products are made with high quality durable aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels. The aluminum frames are light but rigid and rust-resistant. They polycarbonate panels are high impact-resistant and virtually unbreakable. They will also block the harmful UVs yet allow light transmission. All products can withstand harsh weathers with snow load and wind resistance ratings. 

Here is a quote from Palram's website:" Ever wanted to grow your own roses or zucchini? Maybe add a stylish gazebo to your yard or turn that open patio into a year-round fine habitat? How about protecting your car from the elements or storing scattered gear in one safe, convenient shed? We’re here to help make this happen... every step of the way, thanks to the world widest range of fine, reliable, easy-to-assemble DYI outdoor structures."

Next time we will introduce each type of product from Palram in details, stay tuned!

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