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May the "Port" be with you

“Once upon a time there was a car, a lively, shiny little car. His owners had a nice house but sadly it didn’t have a garage, but that didn’t matter; their niceness made up for it. The car was happy all summer and spring, but when fall arrived, it sneezed, shivered and coughed. Boy, it was cold. When it neared to winter, it just got colder and colder. One day, the car spotted his neighbor’s house, the neighboring car had a garage to live in! And the next car in the lane had a carport! The car envied them with the greatest envy you can ever envy. He wanted protection from the cold. Period. 

Snow started falling the next day. The next day was also the car’s birthday. He didn’t care. He didn’t remember. But his owners did. They brought out a huge, wrapped present box as big as a table, huffing and puffing with the effort. That attracted the car’s attention. That big of a box would have cost a LOT of money. He wanted to tell them to return it to whatever store they brought it from. But too late. They set it down next to him, and said, “Open it.” The car had no choice. He opened the present. OHHHH BOYYYYY! A CARPORT! The car was so happy that he couldn’t speak. 

Winter was great that year. The carport protected him from the cold.



This is a story that my little son wrote when he saw our line of carport selections in the store. I hope you enjoyed reading it and that it brought a smile upon your face.

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Check out the ARROW all-season carport featuring a heavy duty galvanized steel roof and an all-steel, premium powder-coated tube frame, which provides stability and strength with high wind and snow load capability.  It is easy and fast to assemble right out of the box, and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

And while you are there, make sure to also look at the optional UV-treated, water-resistant fabric enclosure kit, the durable, ripstop cover attaches (and removes) quickly and easily to your steel carport unit, providing additional protection from the elements.

May the “portbe with you.

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We ordered an Arrow Steel Carport from Delightful Yard on Oct. 20/20 and received it on Oct.28/20. We are extremely pleased with the service from Delightful Yard and would recommend them to anyone! We tried to get the Charcoal carport from Lowe’s and Home Depot but they were unable to get it for us in the Charcoal colour so we took a chance on Delightful Yard and we are so glad we did! Low and behold it arrived quickly and is already set up! Thank you to Clarence and his kind ,friendly service!

Barbara Gutz

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