COVID-19 is both a curse and a blessing-Delightful Yard

COVID-19 is both a curse and a blessing

You may cringe and feel confused when you see the title, wondering: COVID is indeed a curse, how can it ever be a blessing? Well stay with me and I will show you why...

This year 2020 is very special and will probably become the most memorable year in history. A lot of natural disasters manifested throughout the globe, however, COVID-19's destructive force absolutely dwarfs everything else economically, politically, physiologically, psychologically, and mentally. Many people's health condition has been altered permanently. Many people have lost their loved ones. Many people have lost their jobs. Many businesses have struggled or already closed down. From this perspective, COVID is definitely a huge curse to our lives.

Whereas from another perspective, COVID gives us a big push on our back to pause, reflect, and think differently. Out of sudden, we are staying home more than we could ever imagine. Without anywhere to go outside, we stay inside with our loved ones. We don't need to commute like a zombie anymore. We reclaim those lost hours and invest them back into our family time.

Now we could watch our kids playing in the backyard, laughing, and growing. Now we found a lot of new hobbies, learned new skills, discovered new opportunities in life. Yes COVID sucks but life has to keep on. COVID is like a stop sign forcing us to slow down, to appreciate many other things in life.

During this time I realized how much I enjoy staying outside in my backyard, gardening with my wife, picnicking with my kids, drinking espresso under the gazebo, watching bumblebees dancing around the bushes, listening to birds singing operas, watching chipmunks chasing each other and on and on. I would say this is probably the best spring/summer I have ever had with my family. I have created a lot of wonderful memories with them. Ultimately COVID will go away, but these memories will stay. Isn't it a blessing from this perspective?

That's why Delightful Yard is founded and growing at this time. We would like to help people to create their dream backyard and build delightful memories with their beloved ones in it. COVID is a curse, but it is also a blessing. COVID will become history, but memories will stay.

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COVID is a controlled operational virus in doom.

I made that up :)


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